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I walked away not knowing how my decision would affect him.
I walked away not thinking about the legacy I left him.
I walked away not aware his little feelings would be hurt.
How could he be affected?  I left him before his birth.

I departed a situation that I could stand no more.
I departed a house where I could not face one more slammed door.
I departed from a life that left me feeling less than a man.
I should have known my only son was going to need my hand...

I ran from life's hardships and responsibilities.
I ran because the world, it seemed, had brought me to my knees.
I ran - I didn't know how to raise my family, it's true.
Had no idea someday you'd feel that I had run from you.

I let you down out of ignorance ... a young man's stupidity.
I let you down out of selfishness ... money, women - my own needs.
I hurt you.  I left and didn't look back and I'm ashamed to say ...
I have no excuse for the pain I caused or the disappointments you have

I tried to love you from afar.  That's not what you needed.
You needed calls, you needed hugs - For these things your heart pleaded.
And it was never your fault, my leaving.  It had nothing to do with you.
Never blame yourself, my son, for what I did not do

should have been there for your birthdays and never missed your games.
It should have been my business to help you through life's pains.
Every time I wasn't there I told myself, "All is well".
While everyday I stayed away I made your life more hell.

I see you - A man ... all grown up and strong.
I look back at what you've come through and I must admit my wrong.
There is little hope for a second chance when I've lost so many years.
There is no starting over, but I hope my heart you'll hear.

Some lessons are learned in time and we grow along the way.
The pain of a grown man's lifetime I hope beings healing today.
I should have done this long ago.  Guess I had to grow up too,
Before I was man enough to offer you the apology that is due.

I'm sorry....
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From:  A Father
To:  A Son
by Sonya Briscoe
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