The mysteries surrounding the history of the Black race...revealed!
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Joyce Andrews began teaching
Bible classes in 1975 at Mount Sinai
Baptist Church in Beaumont, Texas,
where her husband served as Pastor.  
Since that time, she developed an
unyielding interest in the Biblical
African nation, Egypt.  In 1988, she
discovered while reading the 19th and
20th chapters of Isaiah that the
complete destiny of the Black Race is
recorded in the books of Isaiah,
Jeremiah, and Ezekiel by divine
inspiration of these Old Testament
prophets.  Her study and research for
more than four years finalized the
completion of
Bible Legacy of the
Black Race:  The Prophecy Fulfilled.
What was the mystery behind the
expressions made by those old
great-grand parents who used to say:  
"We're in the Bible" and "We came
from Kings."  What once were
speculations and riddles are now
revealed as truths for those who wish
to know what the Bible regarding this
complicated issue.  What event led to
the decline of ancient Egypt?  Why are
these continuous problems
confronting the Black Race?  This
volume unlocks the mysteries of truth
that have been sealed for generations.
In this sequel to Joyce Andrews'
popular book
Bible Legacy of the
Black Race...The Prophecy Fulfilled
three questions are raised: (1) WHAT
(African-Black nation) (2) Why was it left
out of the book we know as the Holy
Bible (The Great Omission)?  (3) What
accounts for the dominion and power
of the White nation since the days of
the Greeks and Roman?

With the help of archaeologists,
historians, Egyptologists, etc.  THE
HISTORY OF HAM has been made
known, revealing the deep roots of the
African-Black nation.  Keeping in mind
that the Bible is the oldest history book
in the world, this is their spiritual
heritage, the history of their
THEOLOGY, which comprises the
'Complete Truth of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ.'   TRUTH is the great equalizer
which brings each nation's past history
into true perspective.

Both books can be purchased
by contacting Joyce Andrews
(409) 656-9643 or by sending an email to
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