Let us help!
We have supplied links to various
agencies that can help you either with
getting medical attention or counseling.  
We have articles that were written by
women who have walked where you are
walking right now.  We are available to
pray with you, listen to you, cry with you and
support you...you are not alone!!!
You are not alone!   Let us pray with you.  Healing starts with God and
ends with you!

This comprehensive guide brings
reconciliation as it equips
Christians to mature in a Godly
Deciding to have an
abortion is one of the
hardest decisions you will
ever make.  There are a
few things you need to
consider before making
that decision. Click on the
picture for more information.

Seeking Truth?
Please don't suffer in silence...you are not alone!  I have seen too many of my
friends lose their lives at the hands of an out of control spouse.  I lived through
years of abuse myself and I can assure you that I now wish that I had gotten help
instead of suffering in silence.  I wasted many years...years that could have been
filled with love instead of the terror and pain that I received!  Don't let this be
your testimony!  Get help!
Bernadette Love
Click the links below to connect
with valuable help for
yourself or someone you know
and love.  Suffering in silence is
And the Lord shall deliver me
from every evil work, and will
preserve me unto his heavenly
kingdom: to whom be glory for
ever and ever. Amen
2 Timothy 4:18
Being a victim of domestic violence, incest, and rape, is nothing that you need
to be ashamed about.  It has happened or is happening all over this world as we
speak.  A person (woman, male or child) is violated every second of every
minute of every day.  The shame comes when nothing is done to stop it or
prevent it.  If you are a victim or know someone who is, please, get help.  If you
have been raped, report it.  If you are being abused by your spouse (either
physically, emotionally or verbally) please get help. Or, if you know of someone
who needs help but is too afraid to get it, please let someone know before it's
too late.
Domestic Violence...Rape....Incest....Abortion.....?  There is help!
For through woman comes life
She is to be honored, nurtured, loved
and protected, treasured...
but often she is not!
Too often...woman finds herself in a
crisis...one she did not create,
but must endure.