Rising Above Rape
The rape of noblewoman
Lucretia was a starting point
of events that led to the
overthrow of Roman
Monarchy and establishment
of Roman Republic. As a
direct result of rape, Lucretia
committed suicide.
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Rape, sometimes called sexual assault, is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with or sexual
penetration of another person without their consent. Rape is generally considered a serious sex crime as
well as a civil assault.

The term "date rape" refers to the non-consensual sexual activity between people who are known to each
other either in a platonic manner or sexually. These particular instances of sexual assault take place during a
social interaction between the rapist and the victim, hence the name date rape. It may be planned or

What should I do if I've been raped?
If you're raped, you should first get to a safe place, away from your attacker. Then you should immediately go
to a hospital emergency room. Don't bathe or change your clothes before you go to the hospital. Just get there
as fast as you can. You can call the police from the hospital.
Get Involved and help
stop the madness
From a rape victim's point of view, rape is one of the most devastating things that anyone will ever go through
in their lifetime.  The degree of violation has no depths.  It takes you to the pits of hell.  The feelings of violation
and degradation are limitless and you are left feeling like you may never be clean again, no matter how hot
the water may be.    Once you have been violated in such a foul manner, something dies inside.  And the road
from the graveyard is a long and hard one to travel, but travel it you must.

There is never a good reason why rape, incest, sexual assault, or domestic violence happens.  They all leave
scars that sometimes never go away.  Victims have too often turned to suicide to escape the pain and torture
that remains long after the act is done.  How do you rise above it and where do you start?  I honestly wish that
I had gotten professional help to deal with the demons that were left behind to make my life miserable, but I
didn't.  I would suggest that option to anyone for I now know that suffering in silence is not a good option.  
We've included links to various organizations that are equipped to help you down the road to recovery.  Please
take advantage of it.  

No, the pain will not go away overnight but it doesn't have to last for the rest of your life.   I know, God took my
pain when I decided to let it go.

Bernadette Love
Learn to protect yourself
The pain will not go
away overnight, but
it doesn't have to
last for the rest of
your life!
Every 2 minutes, another American is sexually assaulted. 1 in 6 women and
1 in 33 men will be victims of sexual assault or rape in their lifetime.
How to help someone who has been raped?  Read this
article so you will know how you can be there for her!
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