Domestic Violence....the not so silent killer
Approximately 1.3 million
women and 835,000 men are
physically assaulted by an
intimate partner annually in the
United States
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Domestic Violence
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Every 9 seconds a woman becomes the victim of domestic
violence.(1) Injuries to women from domestic violence exceed
those from car accidents, muggings, and sexual assaults
combined. Today, more than ever, domestic violence help is
available from a variety of sources whose purpose is to end the
destructive cycle of abuse.  
US State & Territorial Coalitions
coalitions against domestic violence. Domestic violence
coalitions serve as state-wide and territory-wide leaders
in the efforts to end domestic violence. These
organizations connect local domestic violence service
providers and are valuable resources for information
about services, programs, legislation and policies that
support survivors of domestic violence.

If you are in danger, please contact 911 or the U.S.
National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233,
or, your local/state hotline.
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