The Word of God says that health and healing are ours.  God desires
that we be whole and healthy...but we have to do our part!  If you are a
slave to fat like so many believers are, then join me in opting for a
healthier, slimmer lifestyle.  In order to fight this good fight of faith, we as
believers have to be at our very best!  Decide today to become that
healthier warrior that God needs you to be!  Simply click the picture to
the left and download the free material today.  It's FREE for a limited

Please talk to your physician before starting any new weight loss program!
Stave of the blues!

Feeling angry, frustrated, upset...your
best cure is to get up off the sofa and
dance.  Dancing ups the production of
"happiness" brain chemical, making
your spirits soar!!!  It's also shown to
lower blood pressure, increase good
cholesterol while lowering bad,
strengthen your heart and muscles
and release feel-good endorphins....

Put on your favorite praise and
worship music and praise your way to a
healthier you!

So get up and dance!!
Decide to put real effort
into getting healthy today!
God loaned us these
Health News!

Watermelon melts
belly fat!

The fruit is loaded with
arginine, an amino acid that
helps reduce body fat 60% in
three weeks, reports the
Journal of Nutrition.
...she girdeth her loins with
strength, and strengtheneth her
arms...Proverbs 31:17
Proper diet and exercise
are essential to living the
victorious life that God
says is ours to have and to
hold!  We have to do our
fair share to take care of
the bodies that are only on
loan to us.
Click the link below for
healthy eating tips that
can help you get the
body that God
intended for you to
Christian Weight Loss
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