Got more belly than you need?
Help Prevent a stroke

Go Bananas - or have a baked
potato, avocado or wedge of
cantaloupe.  These
potassium-rich foods help
lower blood pressure and
inhibit blood clots.
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
Do you wonder why every time you go on a diet, you wind up regaining the weight -- and
sometimes even more? Then you’re in “bad company” because most American adults who
diet fail to keep the weight off.
Most of dieting is about what goes on between your ears, as in what you know and how you
use that knowledge to your advantage. Read on to see how many of these dieting dilemmas
apply to you!

1. You give food power. Food can’t “make” you eat it. The way some people talk, you’d think a
candy bar holds them down, forcing them to chew and swallow, too! YOU have the power to
say "no," so do it.

2. You think there are “good” and “bad” foods. Wrong! Food does not possess human
characteristics. Food is food: fatty food, salty food, low in saturated fat or high in fiber…it's
ultimately your choice.

3. You think a diet is something you "go on." And then you "go off" it when you lose the
weight. For instance, "I lost 12 pounds, so now I can go off my diet." This recipe for failure
means you'll most likely regain the weight, just like the majority of people who lose weight and
regain it.

4. You think you can lose weight without exercise. It’s possible to lose weight without
exercise, but most likely the weight is going to come right back once you stop “dieting.”
Increased activity, even walking briskly, is associated with permanent weight loss.

5. You eat the same fruits and vegetables every day. That’s like playing only four numbers in
the Quick Pick Five. You can’t win unless you fill in the whole card. Increasing variety provides
better nutrition and more phytochemicals to defeat disease.

6. You think that all fats are bad. In fact, some fats are health-enhancing, like omega-3 fatty
acids in fish and those found in nuts and seeds. But beware of trans fat in fast food and
packaged foods and limit saturated fat in whole milk, dairy and fatty meats.

7. You’re drinking too many calories. If you think a glass of soda is bad but juice or sports
drinks are good, think again. Juice has the same calories as soda and no fiber. Eat your fruit;
don’t drink it. Sports drinks are usually full of sugar: Drink water and eat an orange instead.
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