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You are what you eat!
An Authoritative Resource for Diet
and Fitness Information
Our diets play such an important role in our lives that we had to pay special attention to
it in this section.  What we eat (or don't  eat) determines how our bodies react to
everyday living.  We've found helpful tips and, delicious and healthy recipes for you.  
Eat well and live long!

Forbidden Foods You Should Eat

8 Foods To Eat Daily

10 Foods That Will Lower Cholesterol

A few More Cholesterol Fighting Tips including Foods You Should Avoid

Little Known Facts About Popular

40 ways to get more antioxidants

7 Habits That Doom Your Diet
If you’ve ever suspected that not do
the same exercise, you’re right. In fact,
what foods we absorb well and how our
bodies handle stress differ with each
blood type.