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With breast cancer, education is empowerment
2.3 million women in the United States are living with a breast cancer diagnosis. A diagnosis of breast
cancer brings with it many questions, and requires sudden decision making about surgery and treatment.
With this comes the need to learn an overwhelming amount of new information at a rapid rate, and to
become familiar with new concepts and strange medical jargon.

You may currently be experiencing strong emotions such as anxiety, fear, sorrow or anger. It can be
difficult to think clearly while experiencing such strong emotions, but dealing with a breast cancer
diagnosis requires that you be at your most focused, because with breast cancer, education is

When breast cancer is detected at an early stage of development, a number of effective treatment options
are available. A woman and her physician will choose the treatment that is right for her, based on the
location and extent of the cancer, her age and preferences, and the risks and benefits of each treatment.
The basic treatment choices for breast cancer are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal
therapy, not necessarily in that order. Local treatments such as breast surgery and radiation therapy are
focused on the breast itself to remove or destroy the cancer cells confined to the breast. Systemic
treatments such as chemotherapy and hormonal therapy aim to destroy the cancer cells that may have
spread throughout the body.

Though fighting breast cancer may be one of the toughest life challenges you may encounter, it is important
to understand that you do not have to face it alone. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) has
developed this website with many resources for you and your loved ones that will enable you to take an
active role in your own treatment, including informational brochures and flyers and links to videos and other
important resources. We invite you to explore this site and to bookmark this page and visit often for the
latest updates.

If You've Just Been Diagnosed (CancerCare Fact Sheet)

Editor's Note:  Because of the importance of this information, this page is a permanent part of this ministry.  
We will continue to update this page with pertinent information about breast cancer awareness and the
importance of early detection.
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