Developing an attitude of prayer...                                        by Bernadette Love
Evening, and morning, and
at noon, will I pray, and cry
aloud: and he shall hear my
 Psalm 55:17
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An attitude of prayer is simply being so in tuned to the voice of God that you feel
comfortable talking to Him all day long.  This is the relationship that God desires to
have with His children.  He wants us to be so into Him and He into us that we talk
to Him about everything, even the simple things that we think He doesn't want to
bothered with.  He cares about it all, the dirty laundry, the kids who won't eat their
veggies and the frustrations that go along with teaching little Leroy to use the potty.

God wants to hear about your headache as much as He would want to hear about
your heart attack.  He wants to help with your post nasal drip and your post par tum
depression.  You can go to Him with your sinus issues and your stroke.  The point
is...there is no issue too big or too small for He cares about it all.  

Talking to God all through the day is not as hard as it may sound.  He wants to stay
on our minds as much as our best friend might.  As a matter of fact, if He is our
best friend then talking to Him and including Him in our lives will not be difficult.   
We were created to enjoy this sweet communion with the Father.  If we can get in
the habit of talking to Him about all the little things, then when the big things come
around (as surely they will), then trusting Him won't be so difficult.

I carry a rock in my pocket all day. There is nothing magical about the rock, nothing
special.  As a matter of fact, I found it in the garden outside.  So you ask, what is the
significance of this rock?  It reminds me to talk to God.  When I feel the weight of
rock against my leg I think of God.  I have gotten into the habit of putting my mind on
Him.  It has really helped to calm me during a stressful day or when the cares of life
just seem to be more than I can bear.     

It may not be possible for you to stay on your knees all day the way that some of the
prophets did, like Daniel for instance.  But it is possible to develop an attitude of
prayer and include God in your business daily.  Remember to talk to Him about
everything and you will experience a noticeable improvement in how you handle
everyday life.  Stuff will happen, all the time, but God never intended for us to handle
this stuff alone.
The family that
prays together
stays together...
let us show you