Today's Woman
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
Today's woman is writing a prescription for a
patient and remembers that she has a parent
teacher conference in twenty minutes...
Today's woman is busy writing a brief when her
secretary reminds her that she has to take little
Andrew to the pediatrician for his shots...
Today's woman has one baby on her hip,
another tugging at the hem of her designer suit,
and she is pulling yet another by the hand while
she is trying to apply her makeup...she doesn't
want to be late for a business dinner date with

Today's woman is doing laundry, cooking dinner,
running the vacuum, and all the while holding the
phone to her ear planning the next fund raiser for
the PTA.  

Is it any wonder that Today's Woman needs
special care and nurturing from The Word of
God.  She is pulled in so many different  
directions by so many different people that she
needs to be uplifted, inspired, encouraged and
enthused on a daily basis.

This is why we're here!  Check out the articles in
this section that are designed to help you be all
that God intended for you to be for all who are in
your life.

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