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Trust in the Lord with all thine
heart; and lean not unto thine
own understanding. In all thy
ways acknowledge him, and
he will direct thy paths.
   Proverbs 3:5,6
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Book Description
Have you been waiting for a book that does not mask over the
heart-wrenching struggles the single woman faces? Are you looking for
hope in the midst of those struggles? Jane Wilder cuts to the core of these
struggles in her book Living Single One Day at a Time. She further
reminds us of the joy and purpose we experience by seeking to trust God
and know his love whether single for a short time or for a life time.

About the Author
Jane Wilder is a single woman who has lived as an urban missionary for
twelve years. She is currently working full-time with women at Armitage
Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. Jane has a BA in Sociology from
California State University, Sacramento and a Graduate Bible Certificate
from Moody Bible Institute. In her spare time, Jane enjoys figure skating,
tennis, reading classic novels and walking down Chicago's beautiful
Logan Boulevard.
If you've never been proposed to,all relationships ended before six
months,never been "the One" but always "the Other one", hit 28+ and have it
all but the boyfriend/husband and kids, treat guys way better than a lot of
wives and girlfriends do, have been told by unavailable and available guys
you are awesome but you are still single, this book is for you! It does take
the Christian stand point so for those who aren't Christian inclined might
find some solace if they open themselves up to it. It's for us gals who have
tried and failed in so many ways, even sleeping around when we gave up
and did it for gettin' ours. We aren't going to hell for our actions he basically
says. Instead he says to leave it to God and heal ourselves on the inside
which is VERY hard to do but do it anyway.
Product Description
Turning our culture's Sex in the City world view completely upside down,
Revelations of a Single Woman celebrates God's enticing, life-giving
promises, even when life takes you down a path you didn't plan for.
Connally Gilliam explores what it means to live in a world for which her
mother never could have prepared her. Through this collection of thoughtful,
honest, and humorous memoirs, the author delves into what it really
means to be "the remainder" in a world that caters to couples, and what it
means to be the one who lives out moral values that her peers think died in
the sixties. As readers walk with Connally through each humorous and
poignant experience, they will discover that God doesn't promise
happiness somewhere in the future, but abundant life in the here and now.

From the Back Cover
A little bit debutante and a little bit granola chick; a little bit pump and a little
bit Birkenstock—that’s Connally Gilliam: a confident, bright, and
unintentionally single woman. On these pages, you’ll find her candid
struggles to make sense of our many fragmented selves, the expectations
we’ve met and failed, and the feeling that sometimes we’re “the remainder”
in a couples’ world.
Through Connally’s poignant and often humorous experiences, you’ll get a
taste of the abundance that God promises, even when life takes us down a
path we didn’t plan for.
Product Description
"Created for God's Pleasure" is for all women in general and single
Christian women in particular. The message of the book is that the single
Christian woman has a prominent place in God's plan for His Church and
Kingdom. The centre of the book portrays a living reflection of the hearts of
twelve single women from a multiplicity of progressions, faithful in their
service to God, but are on their own and does not wish to be. They have
never been married and would like to be. Many of these women have
accepted this role with grace; however many others appear to have taken
up a lamentation of what they see as unacceptable plight, albeit ordained
by a loving God and Father. From their testimonies we find sadness,
disappointment, resignation, hope deferred and somewhere in the midst of
it all, some acceptance of what might inevitably be "God's will" for their
lives. Having created us God reserves the right to keep us to Himself by not
giving us away in marriage, so that we can serve Him with individual
devotion and without distractions.
Book Description
DON’T KISS DATING GOODBYE! There is a much better way! Dr. Myles
Munroe is an internationally acclaimed teacher and conference speaker
with several best-selling books to his credit. In Waiting and Dating, Dr.
Munroe offers a balanced, biblical view for every believer who wants a
prosperous and fulfilling marriage relationship. He offers some of the best
advice you will ever find on the subject of finding the one with whom you will
spend the rest of your life.
In Waiting and Dating, you will learn:
• The importance of sharing your faith in God.
• The need for personal wholeness.
• The importance of true friendship in a relationship.
• The myths of finding the right person.
• How to discern the right mate.
• Much, much more! The principles in this book will guide you through what
for some is the most confusing time of your life.

For anyone looking for that special someone with whom to share their life,
this book is essential, fun, and full of hope!
By A Customer

It was so awesome just to read that someone else feels like me. It covers
the ups & downs of single Christian life - telling it all without wallowing in
the complexities. The bottom line - you may not get married & that's ok. It's
the world who confuses you with it's messages. Keeping your eyes on
God's purpose for you is the key. The church needs to be understanding
single life & teaching & listening to what we have to say. I've already
recommended this to a pastor & it's doing the rounds of my friends (who
can't read it fast enough!). Thanks Lori for finally telling it like it is.
By  HolyGhostgirl - A Review

Ms. Juanita Bynaum gives an in depth view on what it means to be single,
saved, and prepared for your destiny. Please not only read this book, but
purchase this book with others who are in need of deliverance from lust. This
book helps you understand why people have made decisions to get into bad
relationships and why they should be delivered from them. This book is a page
turner and with every page you will receive and feel the deliverance from your
"sheets." Please read and discover why God led Juanita to write "NO MORE
Very Worth Reading.,
By A Customer

If I could, I would give this book ten stars instead of five. This book really tells it
like it is. Out in the world you hear society talk about "safe sex" and "sex
outside of marriage is no big deal." But this book tells the real truth. It tells the
blessings you will receive in your life and how God will reward you if you obey
His rule about sex and stay sexually pure until you are married. I truly take my
hat off to the authors of this book.
Being Sassy,
By  N. James "Single Queen" (Houston, TX) -
Being a Christian Single is a
challenge for many
reasons.  We have found
books that will help
strengthen your walk with
the Lord while you go
through your season of
Be blessed!