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Product Description
One of the most loved and respected
Christian communicators of our day offers
valuable insights on the shaping of a
Christian home and family. Listen in as
Elisabeth Elliot discusses trust, discipline,
courtesy and teaching by example to shape
your family.
Reader Review

This is one of the greatest books available
on the subject of family. It gives insights into
your spouse as well as your family. Learn
God's perspective on common issues that
press the Christian household. Gives Biblical
solutions to problems that can arise, learn to
guard yourself from different attacks that will
come against you and your spouse.
Product Description

One of the most common crises among Christians today is the failure to develop
and nourish godly relationships. Sadly, there is little or no distinction between
Christians and non-Christians in this area. Most homes today resemble the
drive-through window at a fast food joint with family members coming and going
but with no real communication taking place. Beyond the home, the corporate
church body is fragmented by members unable to agree on what are often minor

For those tired of conforming to the world's model for relationships, Bishop
Eddie L. Long presents the biblical model. What a Man Wants, What a Woman
Needs will enable you to:

Identify the missing element in relationships that will foster better
Understand the key principles necessary for godly living and godly
Learn to identify and resist attacks from the Enemy.
Understand the power of a wise woman and the roles of godly men.
From Booklist
Jakes takes the biblical definition of faith--the substance of things not yet
realized--and adds that without some effort, faith becomes nothing more than a
belief in magic. Although he admonishes the trend toward prosperity preaching
that equates economic well-being with blessedness, Jakes reinforces the
connection between faith, good works, and responsibility. And citing biblical
verses and observations by successful people--Liberian president Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf and athlete Deion Sanders, among others--Jakes offers sound advice on
how to put faith into action. He begins by insisting on a hard self-examination and
takes aim at what he considers the major barrier to success: self-imposed
limitations that result from a lack of spiritual faith. Jakes applies scripture across
a wide range of personal challenges, including finding a mate and achieving
financial success. For those who have already achieved a measure of success,
Jakes cautions against complacency and arrogance. At whatever level of
achievement, Jakes urges readers to learn to open themselves to giving and
receiving blessings. Recalling his own rocky road to success from a childhood of
poverty to the head of one of the nation's largest religious enterprises, Jakes
makes clear how he was compelled to reposition himself to grow spiritually and
materially. Jakes continues to deliver a message of hope and inspiration.
Vanessa Bush
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to
the Hardcover edition.
Product Description

Elizabeth George’s popular Growth and Study Guides have sold nearly 140,000
copies, helping many thousands of women not only mine the riches of God’s
Word more deeply, but also grow more spiritually strong.

A Wife After God’s Own Heart Growth and Study Guide is the newest addition,
and women will want to use it alongside the corresponding book so they can
take their next steps forward in spiritual growth. This volume provides thought–
provoking scriptures, questions, advice, and illustrations that will equip a woman
to live out her part of God’s pattern for a more fulfilling marriage.

A treasure trove of practical helps that can bring real change in a woman’s life,
this guide is ideal for individual or group study.
From AudioFile
The reconciling of one's heart with God is tricky here in the West, where
connecting with the Divine is so embedded in getting things done. In a
sometimes longish essay, the author chronicles her personal journey from
excessive ambition and agitated helplessness to true enlightenment. For years
she ignored signs from God to slow down before she was led to the Bible
passages that she shares throughout the program. Bynum is a warm, sincere
writer whose message of honesty and connection with God sometimes sounds
like a sermon. But overall, her intimate writing and the excellent work of narrator
Sandra Burr help the program deliver a message that most overachieving
spiritual seekers will understand. T.W. © AudioFile 2004, Portland, Maine--
Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine
Great Self-Help/Success Book for Christian Women,  
By  D. Nocera (Westerville, oh United States)  

The Confident Woman is a great book for Christian women who feel a calling to
do more in their lives (regardless of their age). Joyce leads you through
claiming your confidence, becoming bold without being overbearing, and
overcoming fear in order to succeed in life. In the beginning of the book she
covers Adam vs. Eve issues and weaves the message that men and women
are and should be partners not enemies. Keep your bible with you for this book
as you may want to cross reference, although most biblical passages are
included in The Confident Woman, some are only mentioned to be referenced.
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