...and her family shall call her blessed
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
And be ye kind one to
another, tenderhearted,
forgiving one another, even
as God for Christ's sake
hath forgiven you.
Ephesians 4:32
I thank God for so many things, but I especially thank
Him for....

...the fact that you turned out to be beautiful on the
inside as well as the outside.  Your compassion for
others is only overshadowed by your genuine love of

....the fact that you are raising my grandchildren with
the tenderness that is oftentimes only seen on
television.  Though you hold down a very demanding
job, you still manage to give each child the special
attention that they each need.

....the fact that you will look at me at the end of the day
and say, "Mom, are you okay?"  And you really care
about my response.

....the fact that no matter how tired you are at the end
of the day you still find the energy to roll around on
the floor with your four children.

....the fact that your hunger and thirst after
righteousness has you reading the Bible
continuously when I know you could be reading
something else.

....the fact that you allow your children to see the love
and respect that you have for their father.  That is so
important to their development.  This has me in awe
because that tenderness was not a part of our home
when you were little.

....the fact that you lovingly correct your children and
take the time to explain to them why something is
wrong instead of just laying down the law.

There are so many others things that make you the
treasure that you are.  These are just a few of the
things that come to my mind when I stop to thank

Your Mama

Giving you flowers!
Don't hold grudges...

Decide to forgive someone.  If you
have unresolved anger toward
someone at work, at church or in
your personal life, try to make
peace with the person.  Write the
person a letter.  Or call to talk or
meet in person to resolve your
issues.  If this is not possible, you
must decide to let it go and move