Get Out Of The Trash Can        by Bernadette Love
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
I don't know about you, but it seems that when I accepted Jesus as my Lord
and Savior, all hell broke loose.  I did some things that I swore I would never
do.  The devil had my number and he was dialing it every time I turned
around. My behavior opened the door for self doubt, self loathing, self
recrimination and the list can go on all night.  I sank so low into the depths of
despair that I doubted I would ever rise to the surface again.  I didn't love
myself so I knew without a doubt that God could not love me.  How could he?
I was damaged goods.  Some of the trials that I suffered were brought on at
the hands of others but I was already feeling so bad about myself that I
accepted that responsibility as well.  As far as I was concerned, my life was
over before it had really had a chance to get started...BUT THANK GOD,
Have you ever felt like there was no point in trying to do any better because things aren't going to
change?  Has the enemy been able to convince you that you are totally unloveable so you are looking
for love in all the wrong places?  Do you have dreams that you have set aside because you made a
mistake or two and the enemy is telling you that your chances are gone?  He has led you straight to the
trash can and opened the lid for you and you climbed in.  He has made you comfortable on the pile of
trash called your past and you have no idea of how to get out.  And what's more, he is sitting on the lid
and every time you think that you are ready to climb out of the trash, he sends some one or some thing
to remind you of your place...the trash can.  

Honey, does God have a Word for you and He says in the day that you hear my voice harden not your
heart.  God sent me to help you get out of the trash can.  You, like every last one of us, have made
mistakes.  You do not hold the patent on foolishness.  You are not the inventor of mistakes.  You are in
a very elite group.  Most of the people that made history in God's book made mistakes, errors in
judgement, and walked on the wrong side of the track.  You know the stories but sometimes we have to
be reminded.  You are not alone and never have been.  And the mere fact that satan bothers to bother
you at all means that you are destined for greatness.  God has a job for you that only you can do, so
get out of the trash can.

Has it ever occurred to you that God has a message in your mess.  Has it ever crossed your mind that
there is a testimony in your test.  You may have made mistakes in the past but God wants to turn them
full circle on your behalf because He is your redeemer.  God loves you, so you might as well accept that
and go on.  And believe me, if you were not a threat to the enemy, he would not take the time to work at
keeping you down.  Ask God to forgive you, ask Him to help you forgive yourself, and go on.  As you
grow in grace and mature in the Spirit, you will gain the wisdom to not keep making the same mistakes.  
As you walk with the Spirit, get the Word inside you, and learn to put God first, the past will loose it's
appeal to you.

You may need to walk away from people, places and things.  You may determine that a new phone
number is in order.  You may have to even change your geographic signature (meaning get up and
move on), but you have to decide how important making a change is to you. You can't keep doing the
same thing and expecting a different result...that is insane.  Now, some people like being in the trash
can.  Some people are accustomed to being in the pits and like being there.  Some people have no
desire to do any better than what they are doing right now.  If you are one of them, then this message is
not for you.  But, if you want better, then heed my words.  

The Word says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Word says that you are blessed,  the
Word says that you are new creature in Christ.  Believe what the Word says.  Forgiveness is only a
request away.  God, in His fullness of love, will pick you up, cleanse you off, set your feet on solid
ground and clothe you in righteousness.  He will give you a whole new set of friends, circumstances and
opportunities.  He will restore all that the enemy has stolen and redeem the lost time.  He is just waiting
for you to take the lid off the trash can and take that first step out.  He will meet you at your point of
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