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Single Women of God
She has to keep her transportation up and running so that she can get to the job that keeps the utilities on
underneath the roof that she provides for herself.  

"Why isn't she married yet?  What's wrong with her?"   She wants to shout out, "There's nothing wrong with
me!!! I like my life!"  But, she just smiles.

And, being a single mom has it's own special challenges as she is now responsible for another life.  Her
successes and failures, challenges and triumphs affect someone other than herself.  She has to make
decisions by herself for someone who is totally dependent upon her wisdom and guidance.     

Being single can be a wonderful time in ones life.  It's a time of growth, reflection, a time to learn to love who
you are.   A time to reach some goals, complete some dreams.  It's a time to enjoy who you are in the Lord
and giving yourself to the work of the Kingdom.  It can truly be a wonderful time of life .... if you allow it to
be.  Embrace your singleness, Jesus did!

From one single woman to another....we want to help with your singleness, whether you are alone or have
Book of the Month
"For I know the plans I have for you," says the
Lord.  "They are plans for your good and not
for disaster, to give you a future
and a hope." (NLT)