The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
We're here to help, listen, share, encourage, and inform the
Single mothers of God.  Whether you are a single parent
by choice or circumstance, you are special in the
Kingdom of God and The Word for Women
wants to assist you in your journey!   
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If you, or someone you
know, is in the middle of a
crisis situation...please get
help!  Sometimes silence
isn't could mean
a life!
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No child should be forgotten...
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What would happen if the more than 3
millions Christians in our country would
pray and fast for America for 21 days?
The results will astound you!
Join us!
The Lord will give strength unto his
people; the Lord will bless
his people with peace.
Psalm 29:11
And all thy children shall
be taught of the Lord; and
great shall be the peace
of thy children.
Isaiah 54:13