If you are single...God must lead you!
But if we walk in the light,
as he is in the light, we
have fellowship one with
another, and the blood of
Jesus Christ his Son
cleanseth us from all sin
  1 John 1:7
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
by G. Craig Lewis
from the EX Daily Word
A source of hope & strength for ALL
single women...,  
By A Customer

Single, Whole & Holy is a
wonderful book that shows women
whether they entered into a sexual
relationship before marriage by
their own choice, or if they were
abused in a sexual way, they have
hope. It offers real life examples of
women who struggle to forgive
themselves and those who have
hurt them, and shows that
forgiveness is possible through
This is an excellent choice for
women who desire to renew their
virginity and also those who
struggle with staying pure.