When Temptation Comes....by Bernadette Love
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
How do we handle temptation when it is staring us in the face?  Nobody wants to be alone.  Most of
us crave to be in a loving, committed relationship.  That’s how we are made.  God designed us to
be one with that special someone who has been designed and fashioned just for us.  When God
created woman out of the rib of the man, this set the stage.  Men have that inbred need and desire
to take care of women and we have the desire to be taken care of.  Regardless of what new age
says about the independence of women and all the ideas that scream we don’t need men….this
idea was never God’s idea.  He created women to be that special part of a man that no man can do
without.  And, woman was created to do for a man what no other man can ever do and vice versa.
With that being said, what do we do with these needs until that special someone shows up?  How
do we handle temptation when it is more prevalent now than at any other time in history?  

For me or anyone else to say to singles…just walk away…is ludicrous.  It’s hard to turn a blind eye
and a deaf ear to all that the world is bombarding us with.  Sex is out there, alive and well, and
easier to get than ever before.  Yet, the Bible tells us to…”walk thou before me and be thou holy”.  
The Bible tells us to resist the devil and he will flee.  The Bible tells us to run from sexual sin…and
yet, it is forever in our faces.  Sorry married people…you don’t know, and hopefully you have
forgotten, what it means to be a single Christian.  It is not easy.

If you have been used to being sexually active, either by marriage or just being out there…you
know that now saying NO to the flesh is HARD!  Because of your walk with the Lord you have a
desire to be right, to be holy.  You don’t want to give in to the flesh because your conscience is
now your guide and it lets you know when you are wrong.  Your heart grieves when you know that
you have given in to the flesh and God saw you.  Because you have now surrendered your life to
Christ, when you slip and fall it hurts you because you know that you’ve let Him down.  So what do
you do now?  Do you continue to sin because you say…”Well, God knows my heart!”  Don’t you
allow yourself to be led by the flesh because you believe that He will forgive you if you ask Him to.  
God has given us a way out…  When we sin, He is faithful to forgive if we ask Him to.  However, it is
His desire that we don’t have to keep asking His forgiveness for the same the sin.  What is really
scary is that there are Christians out there who don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with sex
outside of marriage.  Too many Christians truly don’t think that there is anything wrong with testing
the waters before marriage.  This is a problem….The other side of the same coin is, they know it’s
wrong but will admit that they have needs that must be met.  Lord have mercy!

Ok…what is the solution, you ask.  Abstaining in the face of grave temptation is not easy.   Walking
away from temptation is not a walk in the park.  Aside from asking the Holy Spirit for strength, pray
and ask the Lord to send that special person.  He above everyone else knows your deepest
desires.  He understands the burning of the flesh…remember that He created every feeling that
you have.  The human sexual desire was created by God.  And that need to join with another and
the two shall become one….He made that too.   You stop shopping and let God send that person.  
Stop testing the waters cause every time you do that you set your cause back light years.  When
we get in the way and allow satan to come in, we put ourselves back at square one.  

Will you die without sex while you wait on God to send the right one?  ABSOULUTY NOT!  Stop
putting yourself in the position to be tempted.  That may mean not calling that one person who can
get motor running faster than anybody else.  It may mean not seeing that person alone until you
can get yourself under control.  It may mean changing your phone number a time or two…whatever!
Form a support group among your single friends who may be struggling like yourself.  There is
strength in numbers.  If you are truly tired of being alone and you want something different, you
have to do something different.  If you want that man or woman of God that has been made
especially for you, then show God that you are serious.  Determine to present your body as a living
testimony of your love for God.  Remember, these bodies are not ours.  They are on loan to us
and we have the responsibility to take better care of them than what we do.  Love yourself enough
to want the very best that God has to offer.
Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the
devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7