Top 5 Reasons to
Attend Christian
Singles Groups

Christian singles
groups provide a place
to belong.

In order to be healthy
and enjoy life to the
max, people need to
feel wanted and
needed. They need to
have a feeling of
belonging. As the
Cheers TV theme
song relays: “Be glad
there’s one place in
the world to call home,
a place where
everybody knows your
name, and they’re so
glad you came.”

Although there are
some great positives for
having online
fellowships, nothing
quite takes the place of
face to face contact. In
Christian singles groups
and support groups,
you can meet people in
your immediate area
who share similar
circumstances (single
parents, separated,
divorced, widowed,
college and career
aged, etc.), and feel
wanted and understood.

Christian singles
groups offer

Hey, we all need
encouragement and a
warm hug at times.
Well, the dynamic of
Christian singles small
groups creates a place
where you can find
comfort in your times
of need. There will
also be excellent
opportunities to
minister to other single
men and women who
need help.

Christian singles
groups provide a non-
threatening place to
learn about God and
the Bible.
Real talk for real singles
What would happen if we all made the
commitment to keep America
before God for 21 days?
Bondages would be broken!!!
Michelle McKinney Hammond
Grab your coffee and your Bible
Our children are beautiful gifts from
God...let's take care of them!
Get your copy
Now therefore, I
pray thee, if I have
found grace in thy
sight, shew me now
thy way, that I may
know thee, that I
may find grace in
thy sight: and
consider that this
nation is thy
people.  And he
said, My presence
shall go with thee,
and I will give thee
Exodus 33:13-14
Today's woman
relies on The Word
of God....
What's coming
out of your
Remember, your
words have
We are committed to helping you be all
that you can be in Christ...spread the