On Being Single... by Bernadette Love
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
Like me, you may have wondered why your special person hasn't found you yet. Why are
people all around you falling and staying in love...what's up Lord? God showed me
something one day. I had a lot of baggage from past hurts and disappointments that I was
carrying from one relationship to the other. I had not allowed myself time to heal from one
hurt before I was jumping into another one...could this be your story too?

Sometimes the hurts can run so deep and be so far reaching that we would rather ignore it
than deal with it.  I came out of an abusive marriage and went right into relationships that
neither lifted me up nor valued me as a person.  I found myself continually gravitating
towards relationships that demeaned me and left me feeling empty and used.  After more
broken promises than I care to admit to, God finally got through to me.  He showed me that
I had never allowed myself to heal from one hurt before I opened myself up to another one.
And with each messed up relationship my baggage was getting heavier and heavier.  

Let God lovingly heal your hurts and mend your wounded self esteem before you open
yourself up to another relationship. Let Him kiss away your tears and calm your fears...your
next partner will be ever so happy if you do this! The repair process may take a
moment...but don't fear, God is on the job and He knows just what needs to happen for you
to be all that He called you to be.

Take some time and fall in love with you while you are waiting.  Treasure yourself and find
all the marvelous things about you that make you unique!  You are fearfully and
wonderfully made and if someone told you anything different, you need to rebuke that lie in
the name of Jesus!

Be real with yourself...learn who you are in the Lord!