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We all have an idea of that perfect relationship.   We know what we desire in our hearts and pray
daily that these desires will come true.  The Word today is don’t compromise.  Set your sights on
what you want and believe God for.  Too often loneliness and the fear of never being happily in love
will cause us to lower our standards and settle for the first smiling face that comes along.  Our guts
tell us that there is something missing, something not quite right…but here comes that still small
voice saying, “Go for it, you might not get this chance again”.
When this happens, when that small voice tells you to throw caution to the wind and get it before it’s
gone, tell it to hush.

Stick to your guns.  If you desire to be with a person who loves the Lord like you do and then you
meet someone who goes to church for Christmas and Easter, please don’t think that being with you
is going to change that person.  They may have other attributes that you can live with but eventually
you will have a problem because you compromised.  This is what the Bible means by being
unequally yoked with someone.  There are so many differences that can break relationships.  For
instance – you believe in being healthy…they don’t; they are frugal…you like to shop; you love
hanging out with family and friends…they can’t stand being around people; they have a servant
spirit and like to help others…you, not so much.  These differences may seem minor in light of the
fact that this person looks like everything you want, but be careful.

Take some time and prayerfully make a list of the attributes that are important to you.   Sure,
everyone wants to wake up to Common or Halle, but let’s be real.  At the end of the day looks aren’t
that important.  However, I honestly believe that when God sends that person that was designed just
for you, you will be excited no matter what they look like.  But back to the list…there are some
qualities that you know are important to you, qualities that you desire for your mate to have.  These
qualities should not be ignored nor compromised…why?  Because I don’t believe that God would
have us settle just to say that we have someone.  God is not the author of confusion and confusion
is what you will have once you settle.

This single time in our lives is the perfect time to re-evaluate our values…where we are and where
we want to go.  We must love ourselves enough that we only want what God wants for us!  Waiting
for your best friend to find you is never easy.  We are an instant society.  We want what we want and
we want it now!  For this reason, we often jump into stuff that we later wish we hadn’t.  It’s time to sit
back and learn to love ourselves all over again.  Get excited about who you are in Christ.  Love up
on yourself while you wait for your best friend.  Pour yourself into others and this will take the edge
off the loneliness.  Don’t compromise your standards or your values.  If you have to lower your
standards to be with a person, trust me, they are not God sent!

The holidays are right around the corner.  Don’t let the fear of spending another Christmas alone
goad you into compromising your standards and values.  Take the focus off your loneliness and
your desire to be with someone and watch God move!  He has your best friend waiting in the
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for a better tomorrow!
Lamentations 3:25-26 (New International Version)

25 The LORD is good to those whose hope is in
to the one who seeks him;
26 it is good to wait quietly
for the salvation of the LORD.