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In seven days, another Valentine's Day will be here. Many of us
Christian singles and other singles will see the stuffed animals, candy,
cards, flowers and most of all, those delightful smiles. We will smile but
some of us deep down will be hating. Others will be depressed and
others will pretend that it’s just another day. Talk about delusional.

On last night, my spirit was quieted for a moment and the LORD spoke
to me. Read Genesis 22. I read the scripture but I didn't know exactly
what reason I was reading it. I just heard God say read. Genesis 22 is
the chapter in the bible where Abraham is called by God to sacrifice his
son. Before Abraham carries out this hard task, God stops him and tells
him that He knows that he, meaning Abraham, really loves Him because
he didn't spare his own son for Him. As I stated earlier, I didn't
understand the significance. However God, spoke in my spirit. We must
prepare to sacrifice all. Even if it means our desire to be married or with

There are many married people wishing they were single and many of
us singles wish to be married. Yet, we are told by the Apostle Paul to
remain single. So why do we desire to go against what we know to be a
truth Paul wants us to be blessed in? Our appetite for companionship
and sex is considerably strong. In fact, Paul makes the concession for
our benefit by saying that we should get married if we cannot contain or
control ourselves. This Valentine's day coming up, we should seriously
consider ourselves or examine ourselves. Do we really want the
companionship and what are we willing to do for it? Are you willing to
put your desires for marriage on the altar? Will you be melancholy on
that day?  Will you pray and fast instead of wanting to feed your flesh?
Will you slay your desires for one day to show your Father that He is
your Valentine and nobody can take his place? Or will you sulk in your
self pity, wondering if and when God will send you some one?

Abraham was blessed not because God just liked him. He was blessed
because he was obedient to the point of losing his child by his own hand
because God commanded him to do it. One thing to remember as well,
when God stayed Abraham's hand. He still required him to sacrifice.
The ram caught in the thicket was provided by God, but only after
obedience. So often we think that we are preparing ourselves for
marriage by cleaning up our credit, changing our mindset, developing
character and integrity. However, none of these are quite possible if we
are not focusing on God. God has to be our desire. God isn’t fooled by
our vain pursuits of marriage. We might approach God with our desire
to have a mate but God isn’t listening to you because God is a God of
authority and He knows that when we take a mate, we are handing a
part of our lives to someone. We are not just desiring a spouse but
someone who will have authority over us as well. Why would God give
you someone to be over you in the fear of Him, to only watch us forget
His personal authority over us? We all know we can talk ourselves
almost into anything. We will marry unbelievers or non believers
thinking we can change them. The road to hell is paved with good
intentions. Paul wanted us to focus on who we are because we can
accomplish much in the Kingdom. Single people can do more than those
who are married because we have to care for someone.

This Valentine's Day, we should not think about the love we do not have
or desire to have. Instead we should think solely about the LOVE of our
souls. The one who has redeemed us and whose word is eternal.
Sacrifice your thoughts about the one you want for the love you have.
Keep the spirit of that revelation alive daily. Perhaps God will bless you
with a spouse, however if God doesn't give you that spouse. You will
not lose any sleep or agonize over the possibilities of your life without
someone. God is our Valentine and He is a jealous God. He doesn't want
to compete with someone you don't know or won’t even know without
His provision.

Posted by Richard J Wright at 5:35 PM  
A Word to Christian Singles
regarding Valentine's Day