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Divorce: God's Will?, April
20, 2008
By  David D. Eaton "David D.
Eaton" (Seoul, Korea) -

I think this book is a long
time in coming. The
traditional church, that I
have been a part of for 30
plus years, has ostracized
Christians who have been
divorced for much too long.
People need grace and this
book delivers just that. I
would recommend this book
to anyone going through a
divorce or considering a
divorce. Thank you to the
author for being bold and
obedient to God's voice.
The Marriage Institution Or The Marriage Partners?
An excerpt from Divorce: God's Will? by Stephen Gola

Which is greater in God’s eyes: the marriage or the people of the marriage? The priorities in the Church
concerning marriage have been greatly misplaced. We have judged the “marriage institution” to be greater than
the couples who make up the marriage.

The institution is never greater than those who make up that institution. A company is only as good as its
people. A strong and mighty nation is made up of courageous people who will stand up for what is right under
any circumstances. Moreover, a great marriage is great because the couple has a great relationship, and
nothing less. An institution is only as great as the relationships that make up that institution.

When a couple no longer has a great relationship, the marriage is no longer great. When we care more about
our marriage than our marriage partner, we have misplaced the emphasis of our relationship. Being married
does not create a great relationship. But having a great relationship creates a great marriage.

When we are faced with the decision of either saving the institution or the people of the institution, the institution
must go! And when we are faced with the decision of either saving a marriage or the people of the marriage,
the marriage must go! Whether it be the Sabbath day, a company, the ministry, the nation, or a marriage, the
people of these institutions are always more important than the institutions themselves. Always!

If we put the institution first, instead of the people, we lose the vision for the institution. The vision of the people
makes the institution what it is. Without a vision, failure and collapse are inevitable. When the dreams for the
marriage that are in the heart of the husband and wife go out because of a bad relationship, the marriage is on
a collision course with a bad situation. But as long as there is vision for the marriage, the marriage will
continue. When a married couple loses the vision for the marriage, which is that joy a person possesses in
their heart to spend the rest of their days with their mate, it’s hard to rekindle on their own. However, God is able
through willing hearts.

There are many critical keys in this book regarding divorce, remarriage, submission, interracial marriage and
relationships. Click on Divorce: God's Will? to order.