Ole' School Confessions...
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For God, who
commanded the light to
shine out of darkness,
hath shined in our hearts,
to give the light of the
knowledge of the glory of
God in the face of Jesus
 2 Corinthians 4:6
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(Woman At The Well   - This story can be found in John 4:3-30 in the Holy Bible)

Confession is good for the soul so I will just go ahead and do this up front.  Today I really had one of those
days when I was not in a “Jesus mood”.  That might sound strange to some and unholy to others, but I am
just a real kinda person and calling or no calling some days I am just not there! To be honest some days
that suit just does not fit me so well. (smile) On those days I find myself flat out avoid HIM at times.  I just
want to “do Sonya” today and my mood was not Jesus.   

To bring it in on this story right, I should go back to the beginning and let you know that I did start off with
devotion …just a little.  And I did it only because the other woman in my office said we needed to have some
morning devotional music.  So I did my Ernest Pugh “Holy Spirit -We Welcome You Into This Place” and
“Whatever you Going Thru God will deliver you, but in the meantime praise Him”. Be it known that as soon
as I put it on I rushed – I mean RUSHED right through it because I was ready to move on.  Trying to hurry on
to what I really wanted to hear.  I am an ole’school person. (Anybody else out there feeling me with the “ole
school”?)  I had my love thing going.

I took Ernest Pugh out and I ran right to my Lionel Richie:
Hello Is it Me you’re looking for….
Just to be close to you…  (In true church fashion I seat at my desk- hands raised talking bout “ Ahhhh
Thank Ya!”)
I am just being honest – I was there! (lol) and I stayed there for a good lil’minute and then moved to Prince:
I Wanna Be Your Lover- ….
I don’t wanna be yo weekend lover – I only wanna see you dancing in the Purple Rain. (Ahhhhh!!)

I was having a great time in my mind reminiscing about old love, new love, good love, bad love – and lost
love and who would text me (then ring my phone before I could answer) but my dear friend and sister,
Minister Arlicia, talking bout “Is you coming today?”  (That’s my  sister and we both have very old, very
Southern, good ole’country upbringings and that’s how we talk to each other.  We can do that when it’s just
us!) I said “yes ma’am I’ma be there.  Arlicia said, “well I got you down for “prayer & petitions” tonight.  Are
you coming to work today?”  I said, “well yes ma’am, but you done messed up my whole mood”.  I been
sitting here with my Prince and Lionel Richie and was bout to put in my Temptations, now I’ma hav’ta shift
gears up in here.  I gotta get my mind right.  We laughed, then she agreed and said – “Yes ma’am get your
mind right – go’head and shift ya gears”.  I hung up thinking “Lord now what am I gon’ listen to now? -- Gotta
shift gears and turn my boat ALL THE WAY AROUND now so God can speak to me.”  I was searching my
mind and my CDs when God spoke so clearly to me and said, “Oh please don’t… don’t shift gears now,
Sonya.  Go right ahead and stay where you are, cause that’s the call I been waiting on all day.”  He said, “I
know you got your other mood on but I’ve been waiting for that call to come, but don’t change your mood
now.  You just stay right where you are cause I’m man enough to meet you there.  So please Sonya, do your
Ole’School cause I’m in a ole’school mood too.”  Not really knowing what God was up to I went ahead and
put in my Temptations and the first song that came on was:

“I know I’m Losing You” – God said Sonya – that’s how I feel some days.  I just don’t know what’s going
on between us but I know some days things just are not what they should be and I feel like “I’m Losing You”.
He said, I can tell because:  
                       your action are not like they used to be
                       you don’t talk to me like you used to
                       you don’t hold me in your heart like you used to
                       you don’t seek me like you used to
                       you don’t desire me like you used
The song says…Your touch, your touch has grown cold.
Something about us has changed…. It’s not always me and you like it used to be.  You don’t run to me like
you used to and you don’t just call me up to say “You are so good to me”.  We don’t just talk all day like we
used to.  You are letting something come between us and I feel like I’m losing you.  

God said, but that’s okay cause
“I Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” Sonya.  I love you just like that.  

(Beg!?) Now I’m thinking I serve a strong … a mighty God – You are alpha and omega – You are ruler of the
universe – Master and Creator – God, you don’t have to beg nobody.  God said, “It’s true, I’m ALL THAT yet
sometimes “I Can’t Get Next To You!”.  So when those days come I love you enough to do it!  Let me prove
it to you.  He said, Sonya, day after day I seek you.  Even when you don’t want to be bothered with me.  
When you are not even in a “Jesus Mood” I stand at the door and I knock.  You do me bad but every time
you need an answer or a blessing I’m still right there knocking because I love you like that.  Day after day I
send you a man-of-God/woman-of-God to remind you that I love you. Even when you:

ignore me                -                neglect me                -                disobey me                -                refuse me

But day after day in the middle of your wrong doing I never leave – your actions tell me “no GOD” – I say
Sonya don’t do that cause it’s going to end up hurting you.”  When I say don’t go that way or don’t touch
that or please leave now before you get yourself into trouble…  Sometimes your lifestyle and your choices
have told me NO! right to my face but I never leave… I just keep on knocking.  Keep on saying I love you.  I
keep saying – I know you wanna leave Me but I refuse to just let you go, so I’ma keep on knocking.  Now you
might not think God begs, but if that was any body else – any other negro who stayed at your door and just
kept coming after you said no, and just wouldn’t go away.  You’d say “He bout the beggin’est negro in the
world.  He just won’t stop!  He is wearing me real low with all this begging.”  God says but I love you that
much, so much GOD as I am I still spend my time seeking after that which and mine.  And I ain’t too proud to
keep standing at your door knocking.  

God said and sometimes Sonya the things you do when you say you love Me … well it just hurts me more
than I can really make you understand.  You hurt my heart when you don’t hear me, when you stray from
me, when you go left after I just said to go right – it hurts me so bad, it gives my heart pain.  Bout that time
David Ruffin said, “Oh, I Wish It Would Rain”.  And God said it grieves my heart when you are spiritually
unfaithful and it hurts Me so that words could never explain …. right then David said it again….
“I Just
Wish It Would Rain.”      

By then God had really messed me up – I wasn’t expecting God to get up in my old school - cause I really
wasn’t in my Jesus mood today, but by then I just felt bad.  I had listened till I had to really confess.  God,
You are right and I gotta be truthful.  Some days even though I might dress it all up and people might see
me and think all is well – they just don’t know our relationship just ain’t what it ought to be.  Some days Lord
way I do You – how I treat You … well some days Lord it gets downright ugly.  Bout that time something else
was coming on….

I heard the Temps say…  
“Beauty’s Only Skin Deep” – God said, Sonya I’m not worried about what other
people think or what they see from outside – I’m concerned about what’s happening in your heart… cause
you can be fine on the outside but so untrue on the inside.  That’s only skin deep and I am looking for so
much more.  I need your beauty to be more than skin deep.

By this time all I could do was apologize to God because I know I’ve let him down and I’m not what I ought to
be – our relationship is not what it should be … not what it used to be – I start to see all my flaws and all that’
s gone wrong and God does it again.  I can think of all of the reasons a God like him ought not want to be
bothered with a child like me…. I am at my desk, but my spirit is crying out to God because I am so sorry that
I have not done the things I ought and I know I am unworthy… and God messes me up.  He says Sonya, you
are forgetting that I love you.  I know your flaws. I know all your shortcomings and I ALSO KNOW WHEN
YOUR HEART IS SINCERE…. When you come before me and humble yourself and say God I love You and
God I need You and God there is none like You.  Oh Sonya – I love you because you are mine ... there’s
something about you.  Just you…just you… I made no one else like you and I love
“The Way You Do The
Things You Do”
.  I made you uniquely mine.  I know exactly what I created you for and why you are here
and if you would just come on and love me and serve me and follow me and just “Do The Things You Do”
you’ll see I have a plan and you don’t have to hide from me or change for me.  Just let me love you … You
do You! -  do the things you do!  Do it all to my glory.

All of a sudden it came to me that all the songs I listened to were about a man loving a woman, wanting to
care for a woman in the way we all want, desire, long and need to be loved.  And God said it’s okay Sonya
stay right there – I’ll meet you like that woman at that well.  Who was also looking for love in all the wrong
places.  I thought “WOW God can you stop – you killing me but you are soooo right.  How many of us are
right there?  We are looking for love from something or somebody, from somewhere other than God.  We let
our jobs, our money, our friends, our situations pull us away from God and we are trying our best to quench
our thirst from some other cup.  

Can anybody else say it with me…. GUILTY!!!  I could hear God’s voice so clearly now in each song and
even though I was not in a Jesus mood He had been there my whole day, but God was evidently not
finished.  He said, I’m glad you are hearing me now Sonya, but stop, go ahead and change the cd.  I was
hesitant, but God said, “go’head put something else on”.  I thought ooookay God and I put my on “Old
Schools Classics”.  Well I pop in and I heard Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell say
“You’re All I Need to Get
….(wow).  God said, Sonya, can I be that for you?  I mean really, can you and I get to the point?  Is it
really okay it we get that close?  I don’t mean hit or miss or sometimes you act like you love me - sometimes
you act like you don’t.  Can I be the first thing, the first answer, the first source for you every need?  Can
you stop being on the outs with me?  Can I hear your problems from you?  Oh it’s good other people pray
for you for I don’t want use to have a
“Heard It Through The Grapevine” relationship - I want us to be
that tight.  I want to hear all your issues from you.  I want to be “ALL YOU NEED TO GET BY”.  Sonya, you
tried everything else …  And come on, think about it  -- we did didn’t we?  We trust our friends, our family,
our man, ours girls, and they let us down when God is saying I want that spot in your heart – in your life,
where I become and remain all you need.  

Just about then is when Marvin and Tammi said,
“Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby” – God said,
that’s me!  I Am, that I Am and I am the real thing.  You can search the world over and you won’t find another
like Me.  You won’t find another that will hold you, another that will keep you, bless you, love you, cherish
you, provide for you, be there for you… not another, not another – NONE OTHER… because Ain’t Nothing
Like The Real Thing!  

Is anybody else feeling like the woman at that well? You’re seeking for the things that will not satisfy.

Like the woman at the well I was seeking
For things that could not satisfy:
And then I heard my Savior speaking:
"Draw from my well that never shall run dry".

Fill my cup Lord,
I lift it up, Lord!
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more
Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!

Jesus says, come and drink from my well that will never, never, never run dry.  – Try approaching God in an
Old School way and see if it works for you.

God understands that heart …
Deut 5:29

“Oh that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that
it might be well with them and with their children forever.”…. A promise from the Real Thing!

Be Blessed -
- Sonya -