What If????
For whatsoever is born of
God overcometh the
world:  and this is the
victory that overcometh
the world, even our faith.
                  1 John 5:4

Do you ever stop to think where you would really be if it were not for the grace of
God? Have you considered how your life would be if God for one moment took
His hands off of your world?

What if the wreck you had left you paralyzed instead of just sore?

What if the house had burned down instead of merely having that nagging
plumbing problems?

And if it did burn, what if someone had been trapped inside?

What if you didn’t even have a home to burn? …… (could be sleeping on the

I know some of us really hate our jobs, but what if you didn’t have a boss to get
on your last nerve?

What if you had no friends to fall out with every now and then?

Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet, but what if you had children you simply
could not feed?

Your husband is not always what you would have him to be, but most days aren’
t you really blessed to have him?

May seem like an odd mood that I am in today, but it actually marks a week
since I was involved in an automobile accident. A really young driver looked
away from the road and hit me from behind. I was stopped at an intersection
waiting to make a left turn. A roadside sign in reference to his high school
distracted his attention; by the time he looked back there was no reaction time,
he was already hitting me.  He was driving one of those big pickup trucks with
the chrome grill. It was an extended cab with duel wheels. Not only did it sit
higher than my vehicle, the back was loaded with lawn equipment.

I ended up in the ER but conscience and no ambulance. To make light of the
matter I have told my friends, “I survived and so did the car but we will both be in
therapy for a while.“ But the truth is it really started me thinking how much worse
it could have been. I am injured, but I will heal. My vehicle is damaged, but it’s
being repaired. Most importantly, all parties were insured (thank you Jesus), so
even in the midst of this trouble the Lord provideth.

While I was the ER (for NINE HOURS) I watched people come through ER in all
kinds of conditions and all kinds of pain. I saw some of everything!! Injuries and
illness were all around me and God said Sonya, it could have been you.

No matter what is going on in your world, never, ever doubt that God is working
on your behalf. Yes, my situation could be looked upon as a hardship, mishap,
painful, costly…. you name it! BUT look around, re-examine your situation and
realize someone is always worse off than you.

Be Blessed,

The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry