Someone wants to finally let go of the pain.....
The righteous cry, and the
Lord heareth, and delivereth
them out of all their troubles.
                Psalm 34:17

The issues of PAIN and HEALING are still on my mind.  I prayed about it and
God tells me to continue in this manner.  So for those of you who may not have
these issues please be patient with me as I follow God’s instructions.   

Whether your abuse was sexual, verbal, physical, mental, or emotional.  
Whether you have been through an abusive marriage or suffered at the hands of
an abusive parent. The point is that the pain left behind by the abuse does not
just go away.  You either deal with it or it deals with you.  Hiding and denying
only allows the pain, hurt, anger, shame, and guilt to dig in deeper.  The longer
you hide it and run from it the longer it has to ABUSE you even further.  

Someone is really struggling with this.  Someone wants to finally let go of the
pain, but still has not told a soul.  Someone wants the pain to stop and just be
done with it all, but they don’t know where to start.  Someone wants, No! - needs
to bless someone else’s life by telling of their pain, how long they have carried
it, and HOW GOD has kept them.  Someone is still too ashamed to reach out for
the support of family and friends.  Someone has a friend who is suffering
through the same pain.  She thinks she is alone.  You don’t even know it, but
your testimony is just what she needs to begin the healing process herself.

Healing begins when you begin treatment.  Cancer does not get better just
because you find out you have it.  It gets better when you begin treatment.  That
treatment can be painful...  It requires chemotherapy - the REGULARLY
PLANNED internal introduction of a combination of outside agents to kill that
which has been slowly and silently taking over your system.  Now chemo can
make the person being treated very sick in and of itself.  You look different to
people and they begin to recognize, physically, that you are going through

Many times chemotherapy is followed or accompanied by with radiation.  
Radiation allows treatment to target and penetrate a specific area.  Properly
executes, radiation will kill the bad but it leaves the skin damaged.  It
experiences something called desquamation.  So, again the body shows
physical signs of damage from a treatment designed to be making you better.

(It’s one of those “WOW, God!!!!” moments)

Now think of that pain which has grown within you for so long.  It's taken over
your peace and your joy.  It has ravished you emotionally like a cancer. BUT
GOD - My doctor in a sick room!!  BUT GOD - that great physician!! says, there is
Good News -- you might be sick but it's not terminal!!!  There is healing in His
hands.  There is still healing in the hem of His garment.  (Hallelujah…)

Now think of the Blood of Jesus, the WORD of God, the Holy Spirit and those HE
uses to speak to your issues and your healing as chemo for the pain that has
grown in your system for so long.  A divine mixture, God is purposely introducing
into your situation to general cleanse the whole system.  And think of each time
HE puts you in a position to share this story, this testimony -- this pain with
someone who needs to hear it or someone who is hurting just like you or
someone who you are trying to protect, advise, or just enlighten as radiation.  
Radiation aimed at a specific part of your pain.  Does it hurt - Yes, but it's
healing.  Does it seem to literally tear you up inside - Yes, but it's healing.  Does
it bring forth tears - Yes, but it's healing.  While you are being treated does it look
like you are going through something -- YES - but it's okay because with each
painful treatment your emotional cancer is being driven out..  And all to God's
glory -- because emotionally you are losing some weight and emotionally some
days you don't feel so good and some days you want to give up and some you
don't even want to go on.  

... BUT while you are calling on the Lord and while you are praying and seeking
HIS FACE and while you are pouring out before God the issues of your heart we
are witnessing God's healing.  As your silence is broken HE is driving out the
pain and the shame and the guilt and the anger and the bondage that has
hindered your healing and kept you hostage for so very long.

Remember earlier we talked about radiation causing a condition called
desquamation.  Now is a good time to tell you what that is.  It means to shed,
peel or come off in scales.  (Heeeeeeey Glory!!) God is aiming healing power
right at your pain and it might not feel good right now, but don’t quit now.  That’s
just what going on on the surface.  The treatment is working and after while you’
re gonna peel.  God is aiming delivering power right at your pain and it might not
feel like anything is changing some days, but don’t you give up.  Below the
surface the treatment is working and after while you’re gonna peel.  When you
cry out in the night God is aiming His grace and His mercy right at your sorrow
and from the outside you might look a mess right now but please understand
that it’s working and after while you’re gonna peel.  

Cry if you need to but cry out unto God, for He alone can help you shed the pain.  
Share your testimony with a friend and peel off a layer of shame.  Open your
mouth if you are still keeping a secret that is killing you inside.  Let the layers of
bondage fall off like scales.  

So I say spill!!! Stop keeping someone else's dirty little secret Tell it and tell it
and tell it again until the cancerous pain of your abuse is gone.  The facts about
your abuse will never change, but how you deal with it can.  Take off the weight
layer, by layer, by layer, by layer until reach the you that is healed.

Won’t the devil be upset when he hears the NEW ending to your testimony!!??!!

Amen and the end.  

Be Blessed,

The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry