Some days we just don't give God enough credit...
Thine, O Lord, is the
greatness, and the power, and
the glory, and the victory, and
the majesty: for all that is in
the heaven and in the earth is
thine; thine is the kingdom, O
Lord, and thou art exalted as
head above all.
         1 Chronicles 29:11

Notice how the things that amuse us most seem to cost.

An appreciation for that which is free we have lost.

We should stop, take time and re-discover;

The magnificence that time and technology have nearly smothered.

Entertainment in its original form;

Straight from God and filled with His charm.

So go ahead, pick a date, go out on the town.

And behold the splendor of God’s work all around.

Take time to watch the river flow.

Observe the flowers grow.

See just how beautiful the moon does glow.

That’s entertainment!

Taste the honey of the Honeybees.

Relax beneath a big Oak tree.

Let your body be caressed by the softest breeze.

That’s entertainment!

View the grace of a bird in flight.

Gaze in the heavens on a starry night.

Watch a wave rush to shore with all its might.

That’s entertainment!

Walk barefooted in a grassy field.

Take in the beauty that a mountainside yields.

When summer turns to autumn watch the colors build.

That’s entertainment!

Experience the raging gentleness of a waterfall,

And the majesty of snowcapped mountains tall.

Palm trees want to sway – that’s all.

That’s entertainment!

Hear the song of a Nightingale so sweet.

Feel the warmth of the sand beneath your feet.

Be dazzled by a rainbow’s shades so complete.

That’s entertainment!

Next time you’re broke or just down on your luck.

Enjoy all the things that won’t cost you a buck.

Or perhaps you’d just like to try something new.

Maybe you’ve never really thought this thing through.

Nothing manmade compares to what God created.

A world filled with wonders to be appreciated.

For your pleasure is why each glorious setting was sent.

After all – That’s God-sent Entertainment!!

Be Blessed,

The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry