With marriages on my mind...
Thy wife shall be as a fruitful
vine by the sides of thine
house: thy children like olive
plants round about thy table.
                  Psalms 128:3

God - Most high and everlasting Father -- God - Provider and redeemer -- God My
We need YOU!!  We need you God like we can never remember needing You
before.  We need you at the house.  We need you for the kids.  We need you for
this man -- this husband.  We need you for this woman -- this wife -- this mother.  
Oh God, we need you now.

Master, I am asking that you tear down strongholds.  God I am asking that you
bring down walls and destroy barriers.  God, I am asking that you show yourself
in their situation and be the bridge that will help them communicate.  God, shine
a light on every instrument and device of the devil and let them see him for what
he is.  God, show them that the standard for a good marriage is not what the
world says but what you said.  God show them the standard for a great family is
not what the world says but what you said.  God create in then a mind to seek --
and serve YOU!!!

God, a marriage stands in danger if you don't step in.  God two hearts could be
broken if you don't step in.  Children's futures will be completely changed if you
don't step in.  We need you to step into their finances...step into their
thoughts...step into every argument and calm it...step into the disputes and settle
them.  STEP IN Father God -- STEP IN.

God, be the difference --be the decision maker -- be the peacekeeper -- be the
bill payer --be the comforter -- be the secret friend -- be the tear wiper -- be the
smile restorer -- be the way out of no way -- be the voice of reason -- be the God
of second chances -- be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in their lives.

God, we want it all fixed -- all well --we want it alright God. I've got ideas on how I
want it ... she has ideas on how she wants it ... he has ideas on how he wants it.  
But Father, the best thing would be FOR YOU TO HAVE YOUR OWN WAY -- God,
have your way and we will promise to obey, we will follow, we will submit.  We
will let you be GOD!!!

Matchless King, hear our prayer in the Strong name of Jesus the Christ - we
thank you in advance - expect your blessings and say AMEN!

Never stop praying, for God is yet in the healing, restoring, renewing business..

Be Blessed,
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry