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women of God in mind. We are dedicated to
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empower  your daily walk...Be blessed in your
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“Men, if you want to become a truly godly man and husband, In
Search of the Proverbs 31 Man is a must-read. Women, if you
want to know what to look for and nurture in a lifelong mate, this
book is for you, too.”
–Dr. Greg Smalley, President and CEO,
Smalley Relationship Center

“Michelle McKinney Hammond tells it like it is, without pretense
or sugarcoating. In her own unique style, she relays simple
truths concerning the essence of masculinity from God’s
perspective. Every man wants to be ideal, but not many know
what it takes to be God’s ideal man. In Search of the Proverbs 31
Man identifies God’s heartbeat concerning men. It points out the
fact that a false understanding of manhood can be damaging not
only to the individual, but to those for whom he cares a great
deal. This book shows you that the Proverbs 31 man is not
damaged goods; instead, he’s a ‘polished diamond’ in the eyes
of the Great Diamond Maker.”
–Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, CEO of World Changers Ministries and
author of The Successful Family
God has a big life for you, one that has peace, joy,
and wholeness. His plan includes love and value,
purpose and fulfillment, provision and supply.
Whatever has caused you to be broken, the areas
in your life that aren't working or are ineffective,
the areas where you feel powerless, doing
nothing and going nowhere, God wants to put
them back together again! But you can't get to the
upper level when you're stuck on the ground
floor. Cheryl's book,
Women What the Hell are You
Thinking Now
, will help you to: Identify
strongholds in your life and tear them down.
Realign your thoughts to create purposeful
thinking. Speak to your mountains and
experience freedom from a non productive life.
Enjoy the abundant life God intended for you.
Reclaim your hope! Reclaim your dreams! Reclaim
your life!
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Love is never easy ... Candy, Mona and Lisa have
been friends since college, and are women on the
move. They each have made strides in their
careers-though some more than others but-when
it comes to their love lives, they are all at the same
place: each wants more. Candy is beautiful and
has had her share of men, but is now trying to
walk a better path now that she has given her life
to the Lord. But dating isn't easy when you're
celibate. Then there is Lisa. She is a top-rate
attorney and is married to her college sweetheart,
but her life is far from idyllic. As for Mona, well, she
is busy trying to build a relationship on the
shakiest of foundations-with another woman's
husband. Each woman chases love in her own
way, but each of their choices could threaten the
delicate balance of their friendship. They are
willing to pay the price for a shot at real love, but
will their friendship be the sacrifice each has to
make? ... but in the end, love is all we're after
Cheryl Lacey-Donovan truly inspires
and educates women on how to be an
even better Mother, Sister, and
Daughter. It also challenges women to
change for the better by improving
their character, spirituality and outlook.
So single ladies, if you are ever in a
struggle or you think you're missing
something this book will give you help,
so you're not! After reading this book
married women will be encouraged to
be a better wife. Cheryl
Lacey-Donovon is definitely going to
make her mark on the literarary world
and change a couple lives while she's
at it. --A.K.Beasley, Urban Book Lovers

"Women What the Hell are You
Thinking is inspiring, spirit filled, and
absolutely a home hitting read for
women. It gives you that needed
confirmation about who God says you
are. I give this book four stars. --Betty
Knight Allen, Author and Educator