Live Like You Mean It                                 by Bernadette Love
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You say that you love the Lord...then live like you mean it!
Your walk, your talk, everything about you should scream to the world that you love the Lord.
Whenever the world looks at you, do they see you, or do they see the Lord? It's simple, we
can't do everything that the world does. We can't say everything that the world says. We as
believers, can't wear everything that the world wears. We can't even go everywhere that the
world goes...why? Because to whom much is given, much is required. The world is looking
for something different. Can we live like we mean it?

You say that you love the Lord...then love like you mean it!
The Bible tells us to love our neighbors as our selves. Christ tells us that the greatest gift of
all is love. We as believers can't pick and choose who we are going to love. We can't decide
that because someone's beliefs may be different from ours that we can't show them love.
We can't hold back the milk of human kindness because someone may not be walking as
we think that they should. Jesus broke bread with anyone who needed to be shown the
love of God and that was everyone He met! He even asked, why send a doctor to a well
man? Sometimes the only message that will get across is love.

You say that you love the Lord...then act like you mean it!
The Lord says that all of our needs are met according to His riches in why are you
sick with worry about a light bill that you can't pay? He says that by the stripes of Jesus we
are healed...then why whenever someone asks you how you feel you run down all your
aches and pains in one breath? The Lord says that everything that our hands touch will
prosper...then why are you afraid to venture out and step into your blessing with the talents
that God has blessed you with? He says that He has given us all the ability to create
wealth. He says that the fruit of your womb is why don't you trust Him to take
care of the children that He blessed you with?

You say that you love the Lord...then get up and praise Him right now like you mean it.
I know that you've heard this so many times before. How when the praises go up the
blessings come down and that you don't wait to see the blessings, you praise Him right
now! It never hurts to be reminded that we have to show the world a different way to do
things. Maybe, just maybe if more people saw our hope in the Lord, that might help to cut
down on the feelings of hopelessness that have become an epidemic in our nation. The
economy may not turn around tomorrow so if this is where our hope is, we're doomed. But,
who is going to show the world how to have hope if all of the believers are still crying in our

You say that you love the Lord...then don't miss a chance to SHOW somebody about Him.
Now adays it's simply not enough to tell somebody how good God is, we have to show
them. We have to project His mercy and His loving kindness. It's not enough just to say,
"Child, I'll pray for you." Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper, meet the need, then pray.
Sometimes we have go that extra mile of the way, then preach. Sometimes we have to
actually make a meal happen, then teach.

Remember: TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS REQUIRED. It takes something special to
be a vessel that God can use, but rest assured, the dividends are awesome. When God
finds a willing vessel, He will constantly pour into you so that you can pour out to others.
When God knows that He can trust you to meet a need, He will most assuredly meet can't give what you don't have. And God knows this.

Sometimes doing and saying the right thing is not the popular thing to do. But, as long as
you are saying and doing the right thing, it doesn't matter. As long as what you do and say
pleases the Father, it really doesn't matter who likes and doesn't like you. They couldn't
stand Jesus, so you know that you will be in good company. If your actions pass the litmus
test with the Father, then you are good. And trust me, you will know whether they do or not!

You say that you love the Lord...then live like you mean it!!!
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