Ever Felt Lonely?                                        by Bernadette Love
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
Hey There Lonely Girl (or Guy)…A Love Letter From God

Loneliness is devastating and debilitating.  Loneliness can rob you of your life and
steal your joy.   The really sad thing is being in a room full of people and still being so
lonely that you could cry.  Ever felt like that?  If you have, trust me you are not alone.   
Some people think that only single people can suffer loneliness…not true.  Nothing is
sadder than being married and still being lonely.  Face it, nobody wants to be lonely,
we were not built to be lonely.  Notice I didn’t say alone because these are two
different states.  You can be alone and not be lonely just as you can be lonely and not
alone.  Loneliness will usually bring with it a feeling of dejection, like nobody loves you
or wants you…remorse.  While being alone simply means that you are by yourself for
a minute, a temporary state.    

How do you deal with loneliness?…by realizing that you are wonderfully and fearfully
made.  By remembering that you are a child of God and He promised to never leave
you or forsake you.  By embracing the fact that you are special and were created for a
special purpose.  Nobody can fill your shoes and nobody can take your place.  God
needs somebody to be reminded that He does indeed love you…even if you are alone
for a season.  He said in John 14:18 I will not leave you comfort less:  I will come to
you.  Psalm 27: 10 …When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take
me up.

God is saying to you:

“Let me be your lover.  Allow me to shower you with all the love and tenderness that
you have missed.  I’ll take you for walks in the park on beautiful summer days and we’
ll stroll along the beach underneath the stars.  I will hold you in my loving arms when it
is too cold and wet for you to go outdoors.  I’ll allow my cool breezes to caress your
face and I’ll use the clouds to dry your tears.  I will supply your every need and I’ll give
you the desires of your heart, whatever they may be.  I’ll whisper sweet nothings in
your ear when you feel alone and lonely.  When you hurt, I will never make light of your
feelings or leave you without a shoulder to cry on.  I will rejoice over your
accomplishments and I’ll never compete with you when it’s your time to shine.  I will
cradle you in my arms when the trials of life are just too much for you to bear.  I’ll never
rejoice over your shortcomings or divulge your secrets to anyone.  I will never leave you
nor forsake you.  I’ll take you just the way you are, because I love you.”

Man was never meant to be alone…or woman, for that fact.   God created Adam and
they shared a special relationship that some of us can never even imagine.   God
walked and talked with him in that beautiful garden daily, not just when Adam needed
something.  They had a bond and a communion like no other.  But, even God realized
that Adam needed more…he needed Eve.   So what is God saying to us today?  He’s
saying that He desires to have a closeness with us like none other.  He desires to
walk and talk and commune with us in a special way.  He wants to take the loneliness
and fill it a joy like none other.  He wants to heal your heart so that it will be ready for
that love that only He can send to you.   

Let God love up on you for a minute.  Allow Him to take the pain that you have carried in
your heart for so long.  Loneliness, even if you have someone in your life, is not a
place that God wants you stay in.  He desires that we experience the fullness of life
while we wait to share eternity with Him.  He loves you and it breaks His heart each
time you cry out in loneliness.   Is He tugging at the strings of your heart, trying to get in
to share some special time with Him?  We were created to share a relationship with
God and until that happens there is a void that we tend to fill with all sorts of things:  
drugs, sex, alcohol, food, etc.  Let God in to fill that void.  Get busy and be about your
Father’s business.

Lets pray:

Heavenly Father, thank you for the love that you have for us, even though we
sometimes feel un-loveable.  Thank you for the acceptance that you offer, even
though at times our actions are unacceptable.  Thank you for the forgiveness that
you offer even when we forget to ask for it.  Help us to learn to love ourselves so
that we can offer love to others.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.
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