Hello Father, how are you?                                         by Bernadette Love         
Hello Father, how are you this morning? I know that you are awesome, wonderful
and amazing, but it's just good manners to ask you once in while how you are
doing. I don't think that we ask you often enough how you are getting along. After
dealing with our stuff all day, I sit in awe of just how great you are.

Father, I got up this morning with a heavy heart. There's a lot going on with my
children and the people that I care deeply for. I know that you said for us to bring you
our burdens and concerns...and we do, but sometimes we forget to leave them with
you. Help me to trust you with the stuff that caused me to stay up late last night.

Lord, sometimes this body just doesn't act like I would like for it to act. Guess you
could say that old age is creeping in. There are times when the aches and pains
remind me that I'm not twenty something anymore. But, I know that you've got this,
too. You did say that healing was a part of my inheritance. Help me to stand on your
word when it's hard for me to stand, period.

God, I know that you know how much money I have left in my wallet. You also know
what bills are facing me as we speak. I'm asking that you make what's in my wallet
line up with my obligations. You see, I remember you saying that all my needs are
met according to your riches in glory. So, when what's in my wallet doesn't line up
with what's needed on the table, fix it Lord.

And Master, about that miracle that I'm believing you for, the one that people would
think I was strange if they knew what I had asked you for, yeah Lord that one. Well,
while I waiting for the miracle (see I heard that you are still in the miracle working
business) I pray that you give me the courage to wait. You know that waiting is hard
for us, you know everything about us. You know that while we are waiting the enemy
shoots us with arrows of doubt. You know that while we wait the fires get turned up
and we can barely see daylight sometimes. You know that while we wait and can't
see the light at the end of the tunnel, we want to give up. Well Lord, I can't give up.
You see, everything that I have and everything that I'm about, rest on this miracle. I
can't afford to give up because I'm tired of starting over. Help me to wait on your will
and your way.

Well Lord, it's time to get started. It's time for me to put into action the things that I
can do to make this miracle come true. Now, since I'm getting ready to walk into my
inheritance, the enemy is going to come after me. But, you know, it's ok because I
know that you have my back. I know about that hedge of protection that you placed
around me and I'm thanking you for that. I know that my children are blessed
because you said that in your Word and I know that all my needs are met according
to your riches in glory...so I'm good to go! Now, as long as you go with me, I'll go
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