God...give me some direction...please!                       by Bernadette Love
Being confident of this very
thing, that he which hath begun
a good work in you will perform
it until the day of Jesus Christ.
Philippians 1:6
God it's me again, thanking you for another chance to work at getting it right. I am
asking for direction. Today, I don't want to listen to my head because your ways are
not my ways and only you know what lies ahead not just for today but every day. I
don't want to listen to my heart because you know how fickle that can be. I don't want
to follow my feelings because some days I feel good and others I feel bad and feelings
can be so misleading. I can't listen to my logic because you don't deal in logic. What
makes sense to you sometimes makes no sense to us.

With all that being said, I just don't want to make any wrong decisions today. I need
to wait on your will and your way. I need your blueprint, not mine. Sometimes when
the pressures of life weigh us down, and they can get pretty heavy don't you know,
the wait can be unbearable. I think it's the "not knowing" that drives us nutty. As
human beings with minds of our own, we want to figure things out for ourselves and
trusting someone else, even if it is the Creator of the Universe, is hard. But Lord, how
we really need to learn to give everything to you and leave it there.

Lord, I've told you what's in my heart and you know what's on my mind. You know
what is making me cry and you know what makes my brow wrinkle in concern. You
know what keeps me up late at night and you know what makes my stomach hurt
with worry. You already know what I'm laying on the altar before I even slide to my
knees. So, since you know all of these things, it just makes good sense for me to
trust you. And while I'm waiting on your will and your way, give me peace.

Thanks Father.

We are blessed to see a new year, one that we have never seen before.  One that
holds promise and hope for some and dread and despair for others.  I pray that you
are among those who looking to the hills from whence cometh your help, for our help
comes from the Lord.  If you are among those whose hope is in the Lord and you are
not leaning on your own understanding, then you are indeed in for a treat.  If you are
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
I will lift up mine
eyes to the hills
from whence
cometh my
help...my help
comes from the
If you are not sure, let's
settle the question today!