Are you stuck somewhere that you don't need to be?
Those who live in the shelter of
the Most High will find rest in
the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1
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The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry
Get Off That Street!                   by Bernadette Love

Over the last few days I have come across several people who have the same concern…they
can’t understand why it seems that God has left them alone.  There are lost dreams, lost
jobs, lost homes and lost lives.  There is trouble all around and it just doesn’t appear that
God is listening.  It brought back a lot of memories for me, listening to the present woes of
other people.  I was reminded of the time in my life when I wondered if my prayers were ever
going to be answered.  All of my dreams were crumbling around me and I had no idea how
to stop the landslide.  In a matter of months I lost my business, my home and everything in it
to a fire (with no insurance), my husband moved in with another woman and my car was
totaled by a youngster who was driving without a license and obviously had not heard about
insurance.   While waiting for the doctor to tell me that I was going to survive the crash, I was
informed that I had a severe case of anemia.  He prescribed a transfusion, which I couldn’t
get without health insurance or a large amount of iron tablets which I couldn’t afford.  I
thought that I was at the end of my ropes.  I looked for work and couldn’t find it.  With the
threat of eviction at my doorstep and depression looming over me, I had no idea what to do
or where to turn.

I wondered daily why all of this was happening to me.  Now I knew that other people had stuff
going on that probably would have made my stuff look like a walk in the park.  I wasn’t dying
from cancer (I had been delivered from that though I had forgotten), I could still walk around
(although I had nowhere to go), and I could still dress myself (even if I had ballooned up two
sizes), and I had lost my dad to a heart attack (but I knew that he was in a better place.)  I was
angry because I couldn’t understand what was taking God so long to deliver me from my
mess.  I rationalized that I was good Christian, I paid my tithes when I could, I wasn’t
sleeping around, I was a good person…so why wasn’t He answering my payers?  Why were
people all around me being blessed and I wasn’t?  What more did I have to do?  I shook my
fist at God and demanded an answer.  Why? Why? Why?  Don’t you love me? I asked.

I wallowed in self pity for longer than I really should have.  Then one day, I heard a voice tell
me, enough is enough.  I had to pick up my Bible and remind myself of a few things.  Let me
share some of the things that I found, just in case you find yourself going round and round on
this street called Despair.  See, it’s important that you get off this street as soon as possible.  
Don’t  even think about building a home on this street.  See, if you stay on this street too long,
you won’t have the strength or the courage to leave.  Many people have died on this street.  
Born again Christians, whose names are written in the Lambs Book of Life, have died in
despair and despondency.  The Word says that we don’t have to live here.  We have the
promises of God, we don’t have to stay here.

But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  
Philippians 4:19.  You remember this one don’t you?   Or how about:  
The Lord is my
Shepherd; I shall not want.
 Psalm 23:1.  And surely you remember this one:  Be careful for
nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests
be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall
keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus
.  Philippians 4: 6-7       

Please remember one thing, this life is not about what we have or what we can acquire.  
Take the focus off what you don’t have, thank God for what you do have, and realize that this
life is not about you.  Understand that your purpose on this earth as a Believer is to win souls
for the Kingdom.  God says to seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all
these things will be added unto you (my paraphrased version, but you get my meaning).  
Take your sights off of you and be about our Fathers business and watch what He will do for
you.  When I learned what my purpose was, and offered myself to God for His use, He gave
me something that I had never had, PEACE.  While He is working it out for my good, He has
given me JOY.  While I am busy doing His stuff, He is preparing my place…and I won’t have
to wait until I get on the other side to enjoy it.   God will take care of everything that concerns
you.  This care includes your bills, your home, your food, your transportation, your children,
your spouse, your job, your health….need I go on?          

And, by the way, God did show me why I went through the things I went through.  Let me give
you the abbreviated version.  He had to show me that He is God.  You see I had made my
house, my business and even my husband, my god.  I had forgotten to keep Him first in my
life and my affections.   He gave me a test so that I would have a testimony to share.  He gave
me a message out of my mess.  He taught me how to trust Him for everything and not to trust
myself.  You see, as long as I had money and all the things that money can buy, it was easy
to trust Him.  But, could I trust Him when I was broke, homeless and forced to walk and ride
the bus?  Could I trust Him when I was alone and lonely and humiliated?  Could I trust Him
when I for real, didn’t know where my next meal was coming from?   Glory be to God…I found
out that I can!  And so can you!!!