Why Fast and Pray?  To get the answers you need!         by Bernadette Love
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wonderful tool for believers.
The Daniel Fast involves
a spiritual commitment to
God. "Daniel proposed in
his heart that he would
not defile himself"
(Daniel 1:8).
The Word For Women Network  An Interactive Ministry  
I personally believe in the awesome power of a strong
dosage of prayer and fasting.  Fasting, along with diligent
prayer, signals heaven that you are indeed serious about
your petition.  Fasting (the denial of food either completely or
partially) is essential to our spiritual growth, our closer walk
with God and gets us in tune to His will and His way.

Whenever something big came up in the Bible, something
that had the potential to be devastating, I notice that a fast
was called.  In the 20th chapter of 2 Chronicles we find that
Jehoshaphat called for a statewide fast when he learned that
a huge army was rising up against the people of Judah,  
Queen Esther called for a fast when the whole nation of Jews
was about to be annihilated.  I could go on as the Bible is full
of the merits of fasting and prayer.  Do not make the mistake
of excluding this practice in your daily walk with the Lord this

To the left you will find links to ministries that are all about
helping you learn how to fast and pray, share recipes and
other helpful tips, and provide you with daily devotions.  Be
blessed as you add this powerful tool to your arsenal.  The
enemy hates it when you pray so imagine how mad he's
going to be when you start fasting!!!!  Praise be to God for
His love, direction, protection, deliverance, guidance....
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food to eat while on the
Daniel Fast