A Mother's Prayer...for now, for always                            by Bernadette Love
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My darling baby....
I just found out today that you have taken your place within my being.
You are now a part of my life, I can't feel you moving yet, but I know you're there
I have no idea if you're a boy or a girl...but you know what, I don't even care
I don't know what this means for us, what we will have to face together...I have no                
idea...all I know is that you're here.  Lord, I guess I'd better start praying now...
we're going to need your help for a long time.

My darling baby....
I found out today that you're a girl...a precious, darling little replica of me...wow!
I hope I take better care of you than I took of myself.  I hope that I can give you a good
life, I want so much for you.  This is amazing!  Lord, take care of my little girl.  Watch
over her.  Help me to be that mother that I always read about...you know, the
kind that doesn't make mistakes...but when I do make one, watch over her and
make it okay!

My darling baby....
You started school today...your first day away from me...how am I ever going to
make it through this day?  How can I trust that you'll be safe away from me?  What
happens if someone lures you away from school and hurts you?  What do I
do?  Lord, it's me again...a mother.  Lord take care of my baby today and every
day.  I can't watch her and make sure that no one bothers her...but you can.  I
can't walk her across every street in life and make sure that she makes it safely to the
other side...but you can.

My darling baby....
You're getting married today...oh what a beautiful bride you are!  It's not the dress,
it's not the flowers...it's the glow on your face, the love in your eyes, the trust that you
have as you take his hand...I'm so proud of you!  I can't go home with you to make
sure that he treats you right and always loves and takes care of you...so here I go
again...Lord, it's me.  Lord, please go home with my baby.  Help her to be that
woman of God that you called her to be.  Lord, watch over her as she becomes a

My darling baby....
I had to go home today...I've watched you grow into an awesome woman...teaching
your babies like I hope I taught you.  I loved you your entire life and now God has
given me a precious gift...greater than words can express...I get to watch you and
talk to God all day about you and your babies.  Oh how wonderful this time has been
for me...and hopefully for you too.  I love you, sweetheart.  Stay strong...and don't                
forget to pray!

Your mother...