Our Purpose is to provide an outlet for the women of God to gather information that will help with their Christian
walk.  We have put together information we feel will inform, enlighten, enthuse, encourage, uplift and motivate women to
reach their highest potential in Christ.  

Our Motto is "Serving God by Serving You"!  It is our desire to be a source that you turn to when you need an
answer from The Word of God.  We will keep your desires and concerns before the throne of God daily and we have made
a commitment to you to always bring you a relevant Word for today's woman.  

Our Logo is the silhouette of a woman whose stance exudes confidence and grace.  She is standing on the Word
of God in which she finds her wisdom, knowledge, courage and security.  Her hands are raised in submission to the stars
that represent the Holy Trinity..The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  
About Us
Bernadette Love
Chris Weaver
Business Manager/
Prayer Minister/ Writer
Deborah Morgan-Eaglin
Prayer Minister/ Public
Andrea Love-Guillory
Prayer Minister/ Writer
Our Mission

We are committed to the work of the Kingdom of God by using the world wide web as an instrument to
spread the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have been commissioned by our Lord to
bring an uncompromising Word to women of God, touching on every area of life.  We are committed to
praying for and ministering to the body of Christ while living in such a way as to allow the love of God and
the light of His word to shine in every aspect of our lives.  

Our Staff

Bernadette M. Love - Evangelist, Founder, Editor, Web Master
It is indeed an honor and a privilege to minister to the body of Christ, through  this website, to the glory and
honor of God.  This experience is the most rewarding in my life so far.  Being able to use the gifts that God
blessed me with to further the work of the Kingdom is awesome.  I have had many life experiences that
have given me a testimony that I am able to share with the body of Christ, in the hopes that my testimonies
are a blessing to you.

Being a graphic designer and writer gives me the ability to bring the Word to the body of Christ as God
gives me inspiration.  I am grateful for this wonderful experience.  On a personal note, I am a mother of two
and grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren who are the joy of my life.  I am a survivor in the most
glorious form of the word.  I am blessed and highly favored of God and looking with expectancy to the next
fifty years of my life. I am a member of Greater Harvest Church in Fresno, Tx., where Kelvin Clark is my

Carla Ravare - Managing Editor, Prayer Minister

Chris Weaver - Business Manager, Writer, Prayer Minister
You may be wondering why a man would have an interest in a ministry for women.  I am glad you asked the
question.  Having been single for the last 13 years, I have had the opportunity to speak with and date my
share of women.  I have listened, observed and collected data from the fairer sex.  It has been an
enlightening and rewarding experience.  Now God has given me an opportunity to hopefully shed some
light on the issues that confront women, from a man's point of view.  But, not just a man...I am man who
has finally given my life over to the Lord, lock, stock and barrel.  I thank Him for this time in my life and the
place that He has settled me into.  I am also a single parent.  I was given the blessed task of raising my
three sons after the divorce.  It has been a challenge that brought me to my knees many days but it's one
that I would not have traded for anything in this world.  I thank God for giving me the chance to show other
men that it can be done to the glory and honor of God.  Did I make mistakes?  Of course I did, but I learned
from each one and I am here to share my experiences with the body of Christ.      

Deborah Morgan-Eaglin - Prayer Minister, Public Relations Manager

Andrea Love-Guillory - Researcher, Writer, Prayer Minister
Having been raised in a home where domestic violence was the norm, I am grateful to be given the
opportunity to work with a ministry that addresses and cares about the needs of hurting women.  I am now
a mother of four beautiful children and I know how important it is to give them a foundation that they can
glean good things from.  Being in Human Resources has allowed me to help and support people and now
I am able to further extend my love of people through this ministry.

Minister Richard J Wright - Minister, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Intercessory Prayer
Carla Ravare
Managing Editor
Prayer Minister
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